India Vs South Africa Visakhapatnam Tickets

India Vs South Africa “Visakhapatnam Test Tickets” 2 October 2019 – The India Vs South Africa 1st Test Match would be the first match of South Africa Tour of India 2019, The series will end with both the teams playing the last test in Pune stadium. India Vs South Africa Visakhapatnam Tickets are mandatory to watch the first match of this series. The 3 match test series will be hosted right after the 3 match T20 series. It is not an easy task to switch between these two formats in a couple of days.

India Vs South Africa Visakhapatnam Tickets – It seems quite challenging, but the busy cricket calendar of 2019 demands it. The ODI cricket world cup and IPL is also falling before in the year, resulting in such a tight schedule. In the last few years, cricket is becoming more competitive. The three formats of cricket is being played by all the teams in big numbers. Players also try to adjust and ensure they have high fitness level to cope up with this. In such challenging times, India and South Africa would be looking to score win in this smallest format of cricket. India Vs South Africa ACA-VDCA Stadium Test tickets will be sold by both the modes, online and offline. There are many cricket fan in Visakhapatnam, looking forward to buy India Vs South Africa 1st Test tickets of Vizag Stadium.


We could expect a good sale of India Vs South Africa Vizag tickets, being an international match. There are many big players appearing in this series along with newcomers. The Vizag stadium 02 October test match tickets would have a high demand and you might see the stadium house full. This is going to be a very good series. However, South Africa has lost its charm in the last few years and India has a better chance of winning. The home ground condition will also favor India more, despite all these hurdles, we could have a close match here in Visakhapatnam.

Indian team is improving continuously in the past with a good bench strength backing it in case of need. India Vs South Africa Visakhapatnam Tickets sale already in searches for the advance booking. Such competitive matches are a treat to the cricket fans, For getting a ticket online, go through the India Vs South Africa Tickets Booking process online. In the modern age of Smartphones and internet, it is quite a simple task. You have to visit the eventsnow website and follow the important steps to get your IND Vs SA test tickets online.

Match Details

South Africa Tour of India 2019

Cricket Match Format – Test

1st Test

Stadium – ACA-VDCA Stadium, Visakhapatnam

Date – 02 October 2019 – 06 October 2019

Ticket Booking Website – Eventsnow

India Vs South Africa 1st Test Tickets

India Vs South Africa Vizag Stadium Tickets for 02 October 2019 are in high demand already. Fans do not want to miss a match between India and South Africa. Winning over South Africa has always been a special moment for every cricket fan and nobody wants to miss these matches with their old competition. The tickets for Vizag Stadium match will be available few days before the IND Vs RSA 1st Test of 02 October. Initially, there will be a good number of tickets for booking, but they might get sold out with time. The cheaper category of tickets are sold out first, and then the last one to go out are generally the mid category tickets. India Vs South AfricaVizag Tickets price expected to starts from 500 Rs Per Ticket. The ticket is available in many range like 1200, 1600, 2000, 4000 and 5000. Buy Ind Vs RSA cricket match tickets as it is expected to be an entertaining match.

India vs South Africa Vizag Tickets Booking

IND Vs SA Visakhapatnam Ticket Booking websites are chosen among the leading ticket selling sites. The tickets are available for sale through eventsnow website. The crowd loves the thrill and excitement of test matches. Both South Africa and India have very good squad, players who could change the course of the match any moment. For see all the actions you are required to buy India Vs South Africa Vizag Tickets online.

Being the short format, the match is usually decided near the end period. People might find in difficult to get the desired tickets in India Vs South Africa Vizag Stadium test match. It is better to hurry, else you might have to compromise with seat or stand. There are chances that you couldn’t book India Vs South Africa 1st test online tickets due to unavailability. Just block your seat by going to the website and you have an option of buying tickets by visiting the Vizag stadium ticket counter.

The players of South Africa team have played many IPL every year, and they are used to of Indian pitches. IPL, being the test format, is a perfect experience which would help them in this series. The competition would be worth watching as both the teams are very competitive. The ACA-VDCA Stadium of Visakhapatnam can accommodate 38,000 people at once. The tickets for sale would be quite less as there are many passes kept by state government and other authorities. Vizag Tickets of the remaining seats would be sold on website or Vizag stadium ticket counter, The link at the bottom of the page also takes you to the website. India South Africa Visakhapatnam match Ticket Booking can be done by taking the below steps. The following ticket booking process will show you the procedure of IND SA 02 October test ticket booking. Buy India Vs South Africa 1st Test Visakhapatnam Tickets 2019 online and exchange your entry passes at the stadium Box office.

India Vs South Africa Visakhapatnam Ticket Booking Process of Test

  • Open the browser and go to eventsnow website.
  • You will see the sports section at the top, click on it.
  • Go to the cricket ticket section and find South Africa Tour of India 2019 series.
  • India Vs South Africa 1st Test tickets would be given with date 02 October 2019.
  • Click on Book Tickets button, proceed to the next page.
  • It will show you the Ticket Stand and stadium layout choose the seat and stand here.
  • Proceed and provide your details asked.
  • The Test match tickets will be sent on your Email address.

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